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Who could better illustrate the dark side of everyday life than the late Charles Bukowski?
His prose and poetry were free from dressed up rewrites and reflected the undistorted reality of his life.
Inspiration for the Fall 2014 collection was gathered from his 1971 masterpiece, Post Office, in which he portrays his time as a small mail carrier. The menial, hard, analog work of sorting and distributing mail, toiling away, with only his thoughts of a better future, or the absence of it, as company.
Bukowski might not have agreed, but the work of the postal worker is important, bringing news of happiness and despair to people. 
To us, the handwritten letter illustrates something pure and honest. Something that took time to write, something that was read over and over, and hopefully the recipient would take time to answer it.
We are living in throwaway society, but back in those days, things were given time to develop into something that was worth taking care of.
The garments in the collection should be taken care of in the same way. Timeless pieces of quality and design to be worn again and again, repaired when they need it, and passed on to tell their story to future generations, Stories about our lives, engraved in the fabric like handwritten letters.
This collection is full of leather, heavy canvas and wool knits. Garments that withstand the wear and tear of our everyday life – the toils of everyday hobo. All beautifully complimented with an injection of worn-in denim, tying the collection together.


HUB STYLING RULES | when in doubt, always, always be Stevie. 
* Shawl, crochet and top by Chan Luu * Moon and Star Stud by Catbird NYC

HUB STYLING RULES | when in doubt, always, always be Stevie. 

* Shawl, crochet and top by Chan Luu * Moon and Star Stud by Catbird NYC



1. Ace Hotel DTLA - Upon driving up to the Ace in Downtown Los Angeles there was already a sense of it being a place we wanted to be. They had only opened a few months prior in the historic United Artists Building which had been built in 1927 to house the maverick film studio. Black and white tile covers the floors and charcoal drawings of mountains and of 2007  Britney Spears - head clean shaven cover the ceilings and walls of the lobby. The hotel rooms feature a record player and a curated collection of 3 - 4 records that could be swapped to better satiate your palette. We had the ’ Pretty in Pink ’ soundtrack. You’re surrounded by detail, spray paint numbered elevators, original mail shoots and modern awkward door handles. Every single night the downstairs restaurant and rooftop bar were filled and the pour was heavy handed. 

2. Eastern Columbia Building - If you’re lucky enough to get a room at the Ace with a balcony, at first you’re terrified that the historic cast iron will lead to eventual death but then you look across and see the Eastern Columbia Building. Frankly the most beautiful Art Deco building of the west coast. It’s bright turquoise color stands out amidst the backdrop of grey. 
3. Banksy ‘PARKING’ Mural - Visible from that same terrifying balcony and directly across the street from the Ace Hotel is a Banksy mural of a young girl swinging from the word Parking, I-N-G faded by Banksy to just say PARK. 
4. Aesop DTLA Store - HUB clothing has become a stockist of the Aesop brand for a few months now; It’s easy to forget the brand’s attention to aesthetic presentation and dedication to service and knowledge. One of their largest location the store is built from paper tubes from floor to ceiling. The collection of products are neatly presented in collections of different lifestyle needs. 
5. Golden Gopher Bar - a historic and hidden gem in DTLA, this dive has been in existence since 1907. Built before many of the buildings around it the bar windows look onto the cement of the neighboring building and an indoor/outdoor smoking area wedge in between the much taller buildings in between. The bar features to - go alcohol and neighbors a pizzeria you can order from whilst still at the bar. 
​Other spots to check out in DTLA |
ACNE studios.
OAK NYC clothing store.
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Hub Clothing Fall Preview .

Chapter AW14 Moral Form Collection

"Design based around the garment’s functional element and structure is the core principal of Chapter’s Autumn/Winter collection, Moral Form. This Collection is derived by the characteristic principles of Soviet Modernism through the simplification of form, repetitive angular geometries, and the aesthetic sensation and interpretation of contemporary materials.

Emphatic in expressive simplicity, large in scale and imperial in its abstraction, Moral Form, proposes bold interpretations of brutalist architecture such as cold appearance, harsh lines, linear elements and the consistent porous texture of concrete. The idea behind the the functionality of structure as design feature and the sense of vastness accustomed by repetitive structural elements embody this creative transformation of Chapter’s progressive design for Autumn/Winter 2014. “

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